Titanic: Prepare To Launch


TITANIC was the biggest and thought to be the safest ship in the world. Here we chart the plans and events leading up to her launch on May 31st 1911.
Her captain – Edward John Smith – came from Stoke, and Titanic survivor EVA HART remembers the kind of man he was. The great anchors and anchor chains for Titanic and her sister ships were made at Netherton – within Staffordshire at that time.
Authors RICHARD HOWELLS, DAVID HUTCHINGS and JONATHAN SMITH look at the plans and preparations for the launch of this iconic ship. Film Producer WILLIAM MacQUITTY remembers watching the ship being built and being at the launch.
This mixture of first-hand and authoritative accounts is a CENTENARY CELEBRATION, and gives a real flavour of the time. It goes into detail of the plans, preparations and the launch itself – a launch full of hope for the future of this great ship, the pinnacle of marine engineering and the marvel of her day. She was TITANIC.