FREE SCREENING - BRAMPTON MUSEUM, NEWCASTLE - Thursday 18th April 2.00pm April 09 2024

Film Show: Ivan Price, a Life in Art

A special archive film show by Ray Johnson documenting the life and art of Ivan Price. This video will be a guided tour of Ivan’s art and the family house with his son Jonathan and daughter Bronwen. This was filmed shortly before a musical gathering at Birch House, where most of Ivan’s art works remaining in the house were sold for charities. Contributions from his family and friends and close-up filming of dozens of his art works bring to us an insight into Ivan the artist, musician and teacher - and Ivan the man: a campaigner for creativity and education in his community, and a prolific artist who never left his home Borough of Newcastle.

£5 general admission

About Ivan Price
"Ivan was a prolific painter, sculptor in wood and stone, potter, and furniture designer and maker. He also played the piano, lute and folk guitar, and formed an Elizabethan madrigal group. As well as teaching at Halmer End Secondary School, he wrote and produced a children’s opera, and ran the Audley and Halmer End Evening Institute, in an early example of life-long learning.

In 1963, Ivan and his wife Beth bought an end-of-terrace house in the mining village of Bignall End, near Audley, in Newcastle Borough. For the next six decades it became the focus of Ivan’s creative projects as he remodelled the house according to 60s ideals of light and space, filling it with murals, furniture, ceramics, art and sculpture, and planting a garden oasis of trees and shrubs. A creative community evolved, with regular evenings devoted to political and philosophical discussion, live music and readings. A true localist, Ivan led campaigns to protect the green belt and to plant trees, was a member of Staffordshire Artists, and exhibited in Stoke and Keele." (Extract from The Guardian obituary)