ARNOLD BENNETT 150th Anniversary events April 06 2017

Wed 29th November, 7.45pm  UNDER THE CLOCK – New Arnold Bennett play, Film Theatre, Stoke

Adapted by Keith Plant from the Bennett short story and presented by Alsager Community Theatre. Plus The Heroism of Thomas Chadwick - a Bennett short story adapted for television and performed by the Victoria Theatre company in 1967. A newly digitised archive black-and-white video recording.

Wed 6th December, 12.30pm  Literary Lunch + Speaker: Bert Flintoff, Staffordshire Poet Laureate - Middleport Pottery

Free Screenings - Autumn/Winter Season 2017-18 December 02 2016



WEDNESDAYS, 7.45pm. Bar open from 7.00pm. Ticket-free – No booking required. Free parking adjacent to Film Theatre - enter from College Road opposite Queen Anne Street.


Wed 22nd November           7.45pm

YANKS & TANKS - taking stock of WWI in November 1917

After the end of the third battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) in November 1917, we look at this pivotal point in the War - the key arrival of the USA into the War and the first major battle to feature tanks - Cambrai - on November 20th 1917. We look at that battle in detail and hear a personal reminiscence recorded many years ago with Gunner Eric Potten of F Battalion Tank Corps who went into battle at Cambrai in a tank and explains all aspects of the operation from his perspective. There is dramatic WWI archive footage of tanks in operation singly and en masse.

There is the premiere of a video made by Staffordshire University Professor Fiona Graham on a WWI tank found in 1998 (buried on the battleground after the war) and now documented (and christened "Deborah") and displayed in a new museum of its own opened this week in Flesquieres, France, where Fiona is filming. 

Philippe Gorczynski MBE led the team which recovered the tank and he has researched its whole history - its a unique reference point to the first tank successfully used in battle. In the video he gives us its history and a guided tour inside and out - and we see 27-ton Deborah being moved and placed in its new location where the museum has subsequently been built around it. 

Wed 29th November   7.45pm

UNDER THE CLOCK – A New Arnold Bennett Play

A live performance adapted by Keith Plant from the Bennett short story and presented by Alsager Community Theatre. Plus: THE HEROISM OF THOMAS CHADWICK- a Bennett short story adapted for television and performed by the Victoria Theatre company in 1967. A newly digitised version of a rare black-and-white video recording.

Wed 6th December   7.45pm

HAVERGAL WHO? – Film Documentary on Harvergal Brian

Brian was extremely prolific, writing 32 symphonies. Today, he is often remembered for his First Symphony – “The Gothic” - which calls for the largest orchestral force demanded by any conventionally structured concert work. Composed between 1919 and 1927, it is among the longest symphonies ever composed. It finally had its world premiere in 1978 in the Victoria Hall, Hanley, organised by the North Staffs Symphony Orchestra. Unseen since 1980, this newly digitised film features some of the orchestra – and a performance by the Bedford Singers, of Penkhull.

Wed 13th December   7.45pm


A collection of cinema and locally-made archive films from the last hundred years, combined with local reminiscences of the past and some comments from young people of today on the changing nature of Christmas presents.


Wed 10th January    7.45pm

THE MINNIE PIT DISASTER 1918 – A Special Centenary Commemoration

January 12th 1918 saw the worst mining disaster in North Staffordshire’s history – at the Minnie Pit, Halmer End. 155 men and boys died in the explosion, and the death of the leader of the Rescue Team made the final total 156. Archive recordings of personal reminiscences of the explosion, photographs, newspaper reports and films combine with expert insight as a tribute to our coal mining communities.

Wed 17th January    7.45pm


Now successfully established as one of our major tourist attractions, this chatty personal guided tour in the company of Radio Stoke’s Den Siegertsz gives us an insight into all aspects of the working pottery factory itself, where many of the classical pottery crafts are still practiced.

Wed 24th January   6.00-9.00pm


Premiere screening of Semester 1 work of final year students of the Media/Film Production degrees.

All welcome.