Royal Visits and Coronations 1913-2010


This is a collection of film records of royal visits to the Potteries and Newcastle over the past century. It concentrates on visits of ruling monarchs or future monarchs, and is therefore not exhaustive.

The visits were captured by both professional and amateur cameramen.

The main items oin the collections are; King George and Queen Mary in Burslem, 1913, Edward Prince of Wales in Tunstall, 1924, George V and Queen Mary in Stoke, 1925, the Princess Royal in 1930, the Coronation of George VI, 1937, George VI and Queen Elizabeth in wartime, Princess Elizabeth at Burslem, 1949, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, 1953, and Princess Diana in 1984.

There are special features on the visits by the Queen in 1955, 1973, 1986, 1995 and 1999 and by Prince Charles and Camilla in 2010.