The Story of the North Staffordshire Railway  (2 hours)
The NSR was established in 1846, and grew to become a profitable network linking with the larger railway companies around it. It responded to public needs, creating a Loop Line through the heart of the Potteries, and growing and adding stations as suburbs of towns developed.
It took advantage of local mineral resources and carried off product of the coal industry. Its sturdy development beat of rival competition and its taking over of the local canal system added to its lucrative goods traffic.
It had a character all its own, and people were proud to work for The Knotty. Amalgamation with the LMS in 1923 led to the rapid disappearance of its own locomotives, rolling stock and works.
Here we tell the story of the NSR with interviews with old Knotty men and with historians. Rare archive films of long-gone Knotty lines, photographs and memorabilia all help to tell the story of this unique railway.
Now with an extra feature - a simulated diesel ride in real time from Kidsgrove to Normacot via the Potteries Loop Line - created by Bob Pegg.