Stoke on Film 1950s


This was a period of great change for the Potteries. The 1951 Festival of Britain heralded a new optimism following years of post-war austerity. Finally freed from utility regulations, the pottery industry could now produce colourful ware in exciting new designs – but faced the end of coal-firing, new techniques and corporate mergers and the Burslem School of Art is seen training new designers.

The Coronation of 1953 boosted the nation’s morale and the sale of TV sets. Rationing was finished, there was a hoosing boom and more people had cars and a better standard of living. Rock’n’Roll arrived and the decade ended with the City’s Jubliee – 50 years since Federation. People looked forward to the You’ve never had it so goodSixties.

This collection of lots of 1950s films incorporates insight from Ernest Warrillow, ceramics expert Kathy Niblett, filmmaker Philip Donnellan, historian Bill Morland - and Arthur Chollerton, Arthur Berry, Colin Melbourne, Eric Ball, Barry Blaize, Dave Wallett, Eric Newton, Mel Hill, Barry Slann and others.

There is valuable film of many locations round the City and an extra item showing the making of the feature film The Card in Middleport in 1951 and the film’s premiere at the