Southall Twilight


This DVD features three separate historic lorry films from the last days of AEC plus some extras. Film 1 is of an AEC Mandator V8 tackling the Commercial Motor test route in 1968. The original film had no soundtrack, but author Graham Edge has provided an informative commentary on this well-remembered AEC vehicle.

The other two films are both about the Leyland Marathon - "The New Europeans" and "This is the Marathon" - this was AEC's last contribution to lorry development and manufacturing before the world-famous Southall factory was closed inn. 1979. They were made as promotional films - and, as well as describing the Marathon in detail, they also provide fascinating insights into trans-European journeys in the 1970s.

Also included are some historic scenes taken at Southall shortly before the sad desmise of the AEC marque.

60 minutes