PIPEWOOD - Pipewood Boarding Camp for Girls, 1941


In the late 1930s about 50 Camps were built for use as School Camps and Camps for holidays in peace time, but in the event of war they could accommodate evacuees. However some Education Authorities realised the opportunities offered by the camps and eventually about 30 camps were being used for the education of secondary school children. Birmingham had two of these, one for boys at Shooting Butts, Cannock Chase and the girls camp was at Pipewood, Blithbury, Nr Rugeley which was opened in June,1940. The school was a cluster of wooden huts housing 240 pupils. Five of the buildings were dormitories with bunk beds. Other buildings were the usual classrooms, school hall, plus a large dining room, wash blocks and a small hospital. There were 35 acres of grounds and there were woods and fields for recreation and free time. This documentary matches many personal memories of the camp with the archive film – the documentary version is followed by a reunion at the Camp in 1990 and the complete unedited 30-minute original film.