Minnie Pit Disaster - January 12th 1918 - DOWNLOAD Version


This was the worst coal mining disaster in North Staffordshire's history. 155 men and boys died in the explosion on January 12th 1918 - the death of the leader of the Rescue Team made the final total 156. Personal memories are captured on archive recordings of reminiscences of the explosion and surrounding events, photographs, newspaper reports and archive film combine - plus expert insight by mining historians - tell the fateful story of this tragedy.

The Centenary commemorations at Halmer End in 2018 are included here - including the walk through the village by 500 people to the site of the pithead - acting as a fitting tribute to the men and boys lost at Minnie Pit and to all coal mining communities in North Staffordshire.

The Diglake Pit disaster of January 1895 and Sneyd Pit disaster of January 1942 are also commemorated by Staffordshire Film Archive. Donations from proceeds on  these documentaries are forwarded to the local communities involved.


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