Longton - A Time of Change


In this second collection of Longton films, we look at the town going through immense disruption and change.

We glimpse post-war Longton with the children of Adderley Green School. We see Alan Povey tell some of his tales of Owd Grandad Piggott.

The Gladstone Pottery works was used for television filming and we see Wedgwood workers in period costumes then the filming of Clayhangerin 1975.

We see and hear one of the last sagger-makers, Ralph Whieldon making saggers, and at the Sutherland Works the last ever bottle oven firing in 1978. Jollees burst onto the night lifer scene in the 1970s, and here we see film of it just before closure in 1981.

p>Longtonians Ellis Bevan, Bill Whitfield and Arthur Mitchell discuss the great changes in the town and the effect of the new A50 cutting through it and we remember then see the loss of another important Longton building, the Alhambra cinema.