Longton - A Century on Film


This is a compilation of archive films and photographs of Longton and its surroundings a valuable glimpse of Longton life from Victorian times onwards.

We feature the opening of Queens Park in 1888 the first public park in the Potteries. There are reminiscences of the Park through the 20th century.

Parks and allotments were filmed for Digging for Victory in 1941, there are scout and church parades from during the War, carnival queens at Blurton vicarage, cricket at Longton Cricket Ground and scenes at Trentham Gardens – including the train and swimming pool.

There’s 1940s film of pottery processes at Shelleys and Crown Staffs, a Longton rail trip to London and a post-war dance at Longton Town Hall.

In the 1970s we feature shopping and traffic problems, the Gladstone works seen derelict and then after it became the Pottery Museum. In the 1980s we chart the successful campaign to save Longton Town Hall from demolition, the interior of the Empire Theatre then its tragic loss by fire in 1992.