Homemaker - 1950s Design Classic


Homemaker - 60th Anniversary

This documentary charts how the Homemaker design, first commercially available in 1957, went on to become a cult design classic of the 1950s. Along the way we chart the context of pottery design and manufacture half a century ago, illustrated with rare archive films from the SFA collection.

Homemaker was sold only in Woolworths, from 1957 to 1970, and is now keenly sought by collectors. In an exclusive interview with the pattern’s designer – Enid Seeney – we get insight into all the stages of design up to production, and learn about her design career. She shows all her original drawing and working designs of this and other well-known patterns of hers.

Bob Kelsall engraved the original printing plates from the design for the new Murray Curvex printing machine, and explains the ‘fine tuning’ of the design to meet technological considerations. We see one of the last remaining original Murrray Curvex machines in operation at Burgess, Dorling and Leigh in Middlepport – where it is still printing designs today.

Collector Peter Davis shows his large collection of Homemaker and ceramicist Helen Johannesen pays tribute with her design “YoYoMaker” from her design range – showing her modern ‘take’ on the design, which pays homage to Enid’s 1950s original.

There is an extra item on the DVD – a complete Spode film of 1954, which is the period Enid Seeney was developing her design career at Spode.

65 minutes