Gladstone Pottery Museum - The GLADSTONE Story


Milestones in Gladstone’s history caught on film:- 

DAVID MALKIN on how the site was saved from demolition in the nick of time in 1973. PAUL NIBLETT and film of volunteers restoring the site and of the Opening Day in 1975. Preparations for and wonderful film of the LAST FIRING OF A BOTTLE OVEN in 1978. Saggar-Maker RALPH WHEELDON demonstrating saggar-making in detail in 1982. Gladstone’s part in the Regeneration of the whole Gladstone St James Quarter in1994. The lost craft of Bat Printing with ROBERT COPELAND and PAUL HOLDWAY in 1994. Promotional films for the Gladstone over the years, Cratemaking in the yard in 2000. The Dr WHO at Gladstone in 2008 and many other events over the past four decades - and the 40th ANNIVERSARY event “GLADSTONE Forty-Fied” - the lost crafts of Pottery-Making demonstrated in all parts of the Museum.

2 Hours 20 Minutes of archive films and interviews bringing Gladstone’s past to life.