George Barber - Cinema Pioneer


Made to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the very first cinema in the Potteries – Barber’s Picture Palace in Tunstall.

There’s a history of film shows in the Potteries since 1896 up to the need for special cinema buildings to comply with the Cinema Act of 1909 – George Barber (who went on to become Lord Mayor in 1929-30 – we see him on film) was first, and he went on to have a string of cinemas within and outside this area.

There’s a special feature on his Picture Palace which is being restored in Wolverton. Films made by Barber himself are featured throughout. There are special interviews with his grandson Len Barber (also a Lord Mayor) and great grandson Brian Barber – and people who worked at his cinemas.

Special features on the Picture Palace and The Regent, Tunstall – which went on to become The Golden Torch nightclub.