ARTHUR BERRY - A Ragged Richness


The work of Arthur Berry (1925-1994) was extensive and varied - a 'northern school' painter assessed among and compared with artists from Lowry to Dubuffet. His way of working caught on film can be seen as demonstrative - even aggressive - working energetically on board or canvas in varied media and sgraffito. He was also a great mellifluous-voiced orator and wordsmith and he turned this into poetry, theatre scripts, monologue recordings and radio broadcasts.

He was a student at Burslem Arts School at then the Royal College of Art during and after the war. He taught at Burslem Art School and became a senior lecturer at the North Staffordshire Polytechnic

In this beautifully illustrated book: Author, art critic and artist Peter Davies explores Arthur's distinctive personality and wealth of artistic achievement. "Davies presents Berry moving in time and tune with the great currents of European and Northern British modernism, while rooted in Burslem, Stoke the Potteries." Professor David Amigoni FEA 2021 (Keele University)

This book "has taken Berry's name up another rung on the ladder of greatness." Dave Proudlove, The Sentinel

He was a truly memorable personality.  "He was very underrated, a brilliant man." Adrian Lyne 2021 (Hollywood film director; Flash Dance,  Weeks, Fatal Attraction; Jacobs Ladder and Indecent Proposal) 

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