Arnold Bennett's Burslem: A Trip along the Bursley Trail


Visit Arnold Bennett’s “BURSLEY” for a full hour. “Bursley” was his name for Burslem, 
and here you can discover and visit many of the key and iconic buildings along our
own Bursley Trail. These are the actual locations of stories in Bennett’s 'Five Towns'
Novels and short stories and you’ll be guided by an easy-to-follow Bursley Trail map.
At each location you’ll get some Heritage information, and illustrated readings and
re-enactments of Bennett passages selected by Arnold Bennett Society members.

The presenters are Mervyn Edwards, John Shapcott and Fred Hughes. The Bennett
passages are read by David Bowen, Virginia Meir and Ray Johnson, who has also 
filmed and produced this unique virtual tour for the Arnold Bennett Society.

Running Time: 60 Mins.