ARNOLD BENNETT - The Story of the Statue


This is a compilation of video recordings, photographs and interviews charting the two decades of ideas and design proposals - beginning with a 1998 idea for a “Bursley Trail” of statues of some of Bennett’s characters. We look at further ideas for a Bennett grouping, then the decision to pursue the single seated figure of Arnold Bennett himself. With the design finalised, we then follow the various creative episodes through to the sculpting of the clay figure in 2010 and the making of the final mould for a future statue. We show the accomplishment of the bronze statue itself through all the practical stages - made possible by the generous funding of The Denise Coates Foundation - and conclude with the unveiling event on Bennett’s 150th birthday - 27th May 2017.

Plus: The Arnold Bennett Plaques. Three events involving the unveiling of plaques to Arnold Bennett: in Hope Street, Hanley, where he was born, in Fontainebleau in France at the house Les Nefliers where he wrote The Old Wives' Tale and at his home at 205 Waterloo Road, Cobridge. There are speeches, presentations and readings giving insight into Bennett's importance to The Potteries and to English Literature in general. Features many Society members - with special guest Giles Brandreth.    

2 hours total