Pottery Industry - 20th Century to Today


This is a two-DVD set, the first being a complete documentary. Continuing from Pots and Potters – which charts developments in the potters art and industry from Roman times up to the end of the Victorian era, this documentary looks at the milestones in the development of the pottery industry over the past century.

There are interviews with pottery managers, workers and ceramic historians. The documentary is illustrated with many film sequence of all the pottery processes in the heyday of coal firing, and the many developments since those times.

The state of the industry today is examined, and some successful modern firms and individual ceramicists are featured.

The second DVD is a selection of seven complete archive films from different periods from the 1920s to today – featuring individual pottery firms and processes; Twyfords, Spode, Moorcroft, Burgess, Dorling & Leigh, Caverswall China – plus a complete film on sagger-making and a film on craft pottery of the 1950s.