Pictures from the Potteries


Pictures From The Potteries contains on a single DVD the highlights of 131 cine movies shot mainly in and around Stoke-on-Trent from 1962 to 1988 by local film-maker and author, Cyril Kent.

Cyril’s entirely original footage of a vanished world includes fascinating sequences of Stoke City and Port Vale matches in the 1960s, Pat Collins Funfair at Hanley Wakes in 1963, the 1965 university students’ rag procession of Keele Karnival, the ‘Elephant Trek’ of Billy Smart’s Circus from Stoke Station to Hanley in 1965, celebrations of Stoke City’s epic 1972 Football League Cup Wembley triumph, the start of the sixth stage of the 1976 international cycling Milk Race in Fenton, local 1977 jubilee celebrations, royal visits to Stoke-on-Trent and numerous other enthralling events and occasions.

Amongst the numerous interesting characters featured on film are Cyril’s wife, Helen (who became the manageress of Swinnerton’s, the caterers), his son, Jeff (who became an author and musician), and his nephew, Harry Poole (who became Port Vale’s second-longest-serving player).

For a unique nostalgic trip back into a long-bygone age in North Staffordshire and beyond, Pictures From The Potteries is essential viewing.

 Cine Films Director and Main Cine Films Photography: CYRIL KENT

DVD Director, Screenplay, Commentary and Soundtrack Composer: JEFF KENT

DVD Producer and DVD Photography: RAY JOHNSON