The commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of this mining disaster was an opportunity to remember the devastating loss of the 77 men and boys who were killed in the Diglake Colliery Disaster of 14 January 1895.
The event has never been fully remembered before and it was felt that this 125th Anniversary should be duly recognised. The DVD includes an introductory documentary on Coal Mining in North Staffordshire plus a detailed account of how and why the disaster happened.
Members of Audley Methodist Church in conjunction with the Apedale Heritage Centre organised a four day event including a mining exhibition, a memorial walk, an education day for 200 local school children, a remembrance service and the dedication of two new mining figures by the Diglake Memorial Stone.

This event was a chance for the relatives of those killed, the local community and young people of the Audley area to remember the sacrifices made by miners and their families, and also to recall the working and living conditions they had to endure in 1895.

The Minnie Pit disaster of January 1918 and Sneyd Pit disaster of January 1942 are also commemorated by Staffordshire Film Archive. Donations from proceeds on  these documentaries are forwarded to the local communities involved.