Biddulph Grange Hospital 1947


Recently discovered film of the Biddulph Grange Orthopaedic Hospital, circa 1947. This is a professionally made film in colour and black-and-white. Digitised at the BBC, the film is enhanced with new interviews with the former Consultant Anaesthetist Dr. Ken Cowan (at the hospital from 1952) and historian Dr. Alun Davies, who also comment through the film.

 Also featured in the programme is original footage of the Biddulph Grange gardens in a state of decline before it was reclaimed by the National Trust in 1988. Juxtaposed with this filming of the gardens is historic information on the original plans and creation of the gardens over a period of 30 years in the 19th Century by the owner of Biddulph Grange, James Bateman, working with artist Edward Cooke. The appeal video to support the restoration is included.   40 minutes.