OPERATION SPITFIRE - BATTLE OF BRITAIN DAY, 15th September 1940 September 17 2020

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15th September - “Battle of Britain Day” - was the turning point in this battle for the skies which began in July 1940. Here is our re-creation of that fateful day, plus a prologue featuring Reginald Mitchell’s own words - and some original drawings - on developing the Spitfire from the Government’s concise brief for a new fighter plane.

Julian Mitchell - great nephew of Reginald Mitchell - also brings us right up to date on Operation Spitfire’s  current activities in restoring the City’s own Spitfire - RW388. Cpl Andy Dodd of the RAF talks of the restoration work on RW388 and Joseph  Perry of the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery talks about the new gallery being built to house it. The official opening of the new Spitfire Gallery will be in 2021.