NHS Anniversary Tribute - FREE DOWNLOADS July 06 2020

72nd Anniversary - NHS - a Tribute
Archive films of Nursing: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s - before the NHS -
plus some personal memories of the coming of NHS in 1948.
FREE DOWNLOADS for home viewing.
Select from the items below and order by e-mail:  ray.johnson@filmarchive.org.uk  
1. 1920s - Nursing and Child Welfare
2. 1930s - The District Nursing Association plus other nursing
3. 1937 - The North Staffs Royal Infirmary (all departments)
4. 1947 - Biddulph Grange Orthopaedic Hospital (rare colour film)
5. 20th Century - The Nursing History Museum (a personal guide by nurses)
6. City General Hospital
    Memories from the 1940s to 1970s including the coming of the NHS
7. City General - the Stoke Workhouse buildings (a guided tour, 1988)
Film items include narration and comments from experts. 
These sample archive films run for approximately 10-20 minutes each, and demonstrate the variety of moving-picture archive in Staffordshire Film Archive's collection. 
You can always send an e-mail enquiry about a particular topic, year, town, event, industry, local area etc. to find what related 
archive film items there might be in the SFA collection.
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Ray Johnson
Staffordshire Film Archive